Auction Sale Service


Is Selling at Auction Your Best Path to a Sale?  We partner with a highly experienced professional firm of Auctioneers who will also advise you well.


Some Properties and some Sellers are better suited an Auction Sale than via the normal open market ‘Private Treaty’ route. 


Suitable Properties include those with Re-Development or Commercial Potential, Un-modernised homes, Short Leasehold, Structural or Legal Issues and many others, including more Urgent Sales.  


Suitable Sellers include those seeking a swifter sale than the open market process normally delivers, or with a need for a certain and immediate sale.  It also suits those who believe in the auction process to swiftly deliver a fair sale price.  


A property should suit an auction sale and a Seller needs to as well.  If you accept a property is worth what a buyer is prepared to pay then you are well suited to this method.  As a buyer will always pay more when competing with others, auctions generally prove successful.


Experience of property auctions is not necessary as we and our Auction Team will guide and advise you.  Our knowledge will offer you choice and help decide on the best route to sale.


The Auction Process;


Step 1 - If an Auction sale may suit, we will arrange for our Partner Firm of Professional Auctioneers to view the property and advise you without obligation.


Step 2 - The Auctioneer makes recommendations regarding Guide and Reserve Prices and will advise you on upcoming Sale Dates.


Step 3 - Agree Terms with the Auctioneer and enter your property into a sale. 


Step 4 - The Auctioneer promotes the property and arranges pre-sale viewings at set times.


Step 5 – Your property sells at Auction on the fall of the gavel, with completion normally 28 days later.  Your fee is only payable to the Auctioneer in the event of a successful sale. 


Please call Martin Bloxham to discuss your sale options on 020 8090 7800, without obligation.